Worth a Thousand Words: Fishing for Fishies by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Australia’s finest, almost undefinable band boogies into 2019 with their 14th full release. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are proving to be hard to get rid of, much like the subject of their newest album. This time, the band is back with a clear-cut message: Humanity is destroying our world and, in turn, ourselves. Despite having a message that’s so easy to get behind, the common consensus on this album so far is that it may be the most difficult record to connect with that the band has released to date. Does that sentiment have any clout or is that belief just as invaluable as the garbage we so easily toss away?

Worth a Thousand Words: Skylight by Pinegrove

“Speak softly and carry a big stick:” President Theodore Roosevelt is always closely associated with this proverb. When he used the phrase, he was talking about the stance the United States should take with foreign diplomacy. I feel as though this particular quote accurately describes Pinegrove, with their brand of folk-influenced, quiet but intense indie rock. Skylight, the sophomore album from the Montclair, New Jersey 5-piece, examines some aspects of contemporary life in an intensely heartfelt way.

Worth a Thousand Words: Toy by A Giant Dog

If you’re not familiar with A Giant Dog’s work, do yourself a favor and introduce yourself. Bright, poppy punk rock from Austin, Texas, A Giant Dog is equal parts welcoming and scary, quite fitting given their namesake. This fourth installment in their discography, Toy, melds together two different sides of the band’s personality: Their brand of sometimes brash, in-your-face pop punk rock that I’ve come to love, and a quiet, more sensitive side that touches on the everyday struggles of life in the modern age.

Worth a Thousand Words: Here Come the Runts by AWOLNATION

When most artists decide to go their own way and set out to create a solo career, many people, including the artist themselves, must have mixed feelings: fear, doubt, excitement, maybe even some anger. Aaron Bruno, the artist behind AWOLNATION, took that leap back in 2011, and hasn’t looked back since. From his band’s first record, Megalithic Symphony, to 2018’s Here Come the Runts, Bruno has stood on his own, proving that the path of a solo career isn’t always a bad one.