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LZ’s Time Machine

LZ’s Time Machine was originally started in 2015 while studying at Niagara University. While there, Luke Zlockie joined WNIA, Niagara University’s student-run radio station. Since graduating, the show went on hiatus, but is back again delivering unique, curated playlists each week. Catch up on old shows, or listen to the most recent one from this season right here. The show is broadcast via Mixcloud, where past shows are also archived.

Want MORE of LZ’s Time Machine?

Past shows from Volumes 1 through 4 that were broadcast from LZ’s time at Niagara University are archived on the show’s page over at Mixcloud.
*All current shows, Volume 5 and up, are produced independently. All opinions contained are those of the broadcaster only, and as such do not represent the views or beliefs of Niagara University, with which LZ’s Time Machine is no longer affiliated. Shows from Volume 5 and up may contain songs that feature the use of strong language and explicit content, so viewer discretion is advised.